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Using A Can Seamer At Home

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Canning is sometimes used by homeowners to seal food so that the freshness can be preserved. It's also possible to can your food in a tin can, but it's necessary to have special equipment, such as a can seamer. Canning can be challenging, but can also produce worthwhile results.

The Importance of Canning

Canning is a technique used to preserve food. It kills bacteria and also uses preservatives to prolong the life of the food within the can. Some foods contain acids that can kill bacteria as they are stored in a sealed jar.

But other food products need to be pressure canned to ensure that they are safe. Pressure canning also has the advantage of allowing you to can your food much faster than if you were to use a more old-fashioned method, such as a water bath. 

Choosing a Can Seamer

The number of heads that a can seamer has can range from 1 to 24. For your home, you will likely only need one head. You will also need to order cans. The cans will be plain and not have labels, so you'll need to label them yourself. 

Opening the Can

Decide whether you want an easy-open tab. This is most commonly used when you are canning a beverage, but can also be used for canned foods. You'll want to make sure that the tab is durable enough that it doesn't break off when you attempt to open the can. 

Canning a Specific Food Product

The can sealer will come with instructions on where to place the can after the food item has been placed inside. Typically, you will turn a crank and this will seal the can. Make sure to check the can to make sure that it was sealed tightly. 

Killing Bacteria

One of the most challenging parts of canning is killing the bacteria. You will need to modify the pressure canner continuously to make sure that you safely can your food at the right specifications. 

After you have finished heating up the cans, turn off the heat and remove the cans with tongs. Allow the cans to cool. While canning can be more expensive than using jars due to the extra equipment involved, if you will be producing a large number of canned goods, the can seamer can be more useful. Also, you might simply enjoy the process of creating your own canned goods.